Hi, I'm Sivan.

Since 2016 I've focused on my own brand, Stellar Graphic Designs. Freelancing has been a transformative experience as I’ve polished crucial skills: client and business goals, time management, company budget, and learning to complete concept through production single-handedly.


Even well into freelancing, UX design became my next step. The more I learned about UX design the more fascinated I became. I began my UX journey with Designlab's UX Academy. This rigorous, over 480 hour curriculum helped me develop my skills in research, ideation, visual design, and prototyping and testing. You can view my case studies completed under this course here.



From Dallas to New York and back to Dallas, I am a UX/UI designer working in my hometown, with a background in graphic design.


Graphic design, photography, and video editing were always my go-to creative outlets. While in New York, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Digital Multimedia Design, with come extra courses in Marketing. I was always a strong problem solver, and connected well to the people I met. UX is my way to connect my skills and turn it into my profession. I have found it very valuable to translate my graphic design background to strong UI design skills as well. My graphic design projects can also be viewed under my "work" page.


I first worked as a volunteer coordinator which helped me strengthen my organization, communication, and empathy skills. As a graphic designer at a non-profit marketing agency, I designed advertisements, brochures, and direct mail for multiple organizations. The business’s goals were to appeal to emotion by targeting donors and increasing awareness. 

Knowing what appealed to donors, by research, and choosing the right wording, color, and even envelope opening, gave my "static" graphic design more dimension. From this I went on to freelancing and then my build up to UX design.

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Photoshop is where I bring my high fidelity wireframes to life. Keeping most of the UI elements in Sketch, but the design and effects in Photoshop.


Sketch is my go-to program for wireframes and prototyping. The guides are easy to follow, and I love the ability to upload straight to Invision.


Bringing prototypes to life is a great way to see it in action and catch problem areas easy to miss. I use Invision a lot for interactive prototyping and usability tests. It helps with workflow efficiency with status updates, comments, sharing, and feedback. 


I used Principle specifically for app designs. The program offer different animations and interaction options for prototypes which I found enhance usability testings, and user experience. 


Illustrator has been very resourceful in designing icons. Icons are very prominent in UI elements and it's important to design them well, paying attention to detail. Illustrator also has a great color guide that I use for branding and color pairing.


I personally think Figma beats Invision's collaborative feature. And I'm slowly transitioning from using Sketch for designs and wireframes to using Figma alone for wireframes, prototypes, and overall my go-to software.


I use Zeplin to for developer handoffs. Communication needs to be perfect but it's also tedious. I have found Zeplin to be extremely efficient and helpful in exporting design components.


With some knowledge in the front- end coding, it has helped in developer handoffs and understanding what happens after the designing. My focus is with UX/UI design but HTML and CSS has helped in some prototyping and communication with developers.


I'll go between using Sketch and Whimsical for my flowcharts and user tasks. Whimsical certainly helps with the shortcuts, but sometimes I need more freedom.



JUN 2018 - DEC 2018

Designlab UXA

DEC 2015 - Present

Stellar Graphic Designs

UX/UI Design Student

UX Academy is an intensive and rigorous curriculum with over 480 hours to develop my core skills in each pillar of UX and product design: from research, to ideation, to visual design, to prototyping & testing. I've completed four case studies and design projects in different focuses. Projects including, e-commerce and non-profit responsive web design, new feature in existing products, and end-to-end app design.

Founder and Creative Director
Clients range from all areas of graphic design, restaurants, non-profit, insurance, jewelry, schools, and more. Projects are usually print designs such as menus, flyers, business cards, magazines. But expand to logos, email marketing, and websites. I have about 95% client retention with high satisfaction.

MAY 2015 - SEP 2016

ADMROI Marketing

Graphic Designer

Designed direct mail packages for non-profit organizations appealing to donors. Lead team meetings, solo and group projects. Designs increased donations and awareness in related organizations. 

JUL 2014 - FEB 2015

COJO of Flatbush

Volunteer Coordinator

Designed advertisements, flyers, and invitations Weekly flyer designs increased volunteer participation. My job duties were to interview new volunteers, weekly volunteer updates, log volunteer data, and daily communication with clients 

SEP 2013 - SEP 2016

Touro College

B.S. Digital Multimedia Design

Bachelor of Science in Digital Multimedia (Graphic Design) 

Additional Courses: Marketing Management, Principles of Marketing, Macroeconomics  

APR 2019- APR 2020


User Experience Architect
Translated business goals into user-focused solutions for new projects – and existing pages – by creating site-maps, wireframes, user flows and user interactions. Conducted usability tests by creating the script and prototype. Conducted moderated and remote tests and then analyzed the results. Worked closely with visual designers, front- and back-end developers, and business units on a day-to-day basis to create optimal solutions that satisfy business and users goals.

I'm always up for a coffee 


Currently working as a UX/UI designer. I love the research, creating flows, and designing products that make the user's lives easier. 

Still accepting freelance projects as well. I’d love to conceptualize, develop, and design with you. Reach out anytime, as long as you aren’t a Giants fan. Take it up with my Mom.