I'm Sivan

I'm a user-centered designer communicating complicated ideas in a simple way. 

recent work

The following case studies are a series of projects all within the scope of 80 hour time limits and similar design processes of research, design, prototype, and test.

Mobile app

End-to-end app design for a start-up that serves food to the homeless and people in need


A responsive e-commerce clothing website designed to appeal to target market and complete rebranding

Mirror mockup2.png
Laptop mockup.png

Dallas Kosher

A non-profit responsive website optimized for members and commercials accounts together

chase bank

Adding a new feature in an existing mobile app 



Currently looking for UX/UI design based projects. I love the research, creating flows, and designing products that make the user's lives easier. Open to remote or full-time positions.

Still accepting freelance projects as well. I’d love to conceptualize, develop, and design with you. Reach out anytime, as long as you aren’t a Giants fan. Take it up with my Mom.

I'm always up for a coffee